27 May 2012

get inspired.

i have decided to take a break from shopping
for the next month or so.
it's time i re-appreciated my current closet state
and practice what i always preach, "wear what you have".
i got inspired this morning and pulled out my archive
of j.crew catalogs. i started flipping through and 
bookmarking some potential outfit recreations
i plan to attempt. basically, this is the original pinterest:


i encourage you to do this the next time you
find yourself in a similar rut.
it's pretty inspiring.

how's your memorial day weekend treating you?
we've had lots of laughs, lots of beers
and lots of golf balls. (don't ask.)
on the agenda for today:
heading to tim's aunt and uncle's house for some
pool time and to celebrate his cousin's TTU graduation.
we love us some red raiders alums.

hope you're having a good one!


leah vee

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