04 December 2011

it's the season

I have a confession to make...but I don't decorate for any holidays. Seriously, I hate storing stuff, so I don't ever get stuff to decorate for holidays, and that includes putting up a Christmas tree. I am just really not into decorating stuff at all, and my husband hates what he calls "knick-knacks," so it can be hard to get into holidays at our casa. I do think it would be fun to put up a little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree as a joke, but other than that, we don't do anything.
I feel like the start of the season for me is the first Christmas party, which was my work party on Saturday night.
We had to run some errands that day, and I was seriously lacking motivation for anything so I threw on jeans and a sweatshirt.
Check out my hair! *Thank you pinterest!*
And I'm starting a new trend...not!
Testing out my new camera on my phone!
I am obsessed with this shirt. Leah blogged it the other day, and I did not know she had it. Don't be surprised if you see me wear it again this week.
outfit: J.CREW (yes, the whole dang thing)
boots: madewell (made very well)


  1. Jcrew addict eh, lol...Me too ;)


  2. how did i not know you don't decorate for Christmas??? not even a tree??? come on!!! that will change once you two start having babies! :)

  3. it just dawned on me. have you ever been to my house?! omg. seriously this is insane. even when i lived in lubbock?! girl, i don't decorate for jack! i hate to store stuff seasonally! you sound exactly like DEBBIE!