01 September 2011

Forgive me. This was at the end of a very...very...long day.
I knew yesterday it was going to be a pajama dress kind of day. I threw a shirt over this maxi dress, and I'm pretty sure Leah has the exact same dress. What can I say...our taste is good.
I did get compliments on how cute my skirt was. Oh wait, it's not a skirt. It's a dress.
All I can say at this point is thank God tomorrow is jean Friday.
If it weren't I might not survive.
The husband and I have season tickets this year and are going to the opening Texas Tech home game on Saturday. Psyched up.

Cheers to the weekend.


1 comment:

  1. I like that you put a shirt over yours. I will do the same in the near future!!! xoxo