04 September 2011

football frenzy

I am super lucky to live relatively close to the college my husband and I attended. We have season tickets this year and drove down to attend the first football game. It was such a fun weekend filled with seeing friends, eating good food, football, and old memories!
As soon as we arrived, we got a great parking spot right by one of our favorite bars...and a front row seat right at the bar! SCORE for us.
Quick pic with the husband...it was a little crazy how much older we looked than everyone else at the bar.
We made our way down to the tailgate for a little while pre-game. I should have taken a pic of the back of my dress...it has a heart and the TTU logo on it!
The band making its way to the stadium for the game.
We made our way to the game and the weather was amazing. During the second q-we could see a storm rolling in from the North, and LITERALLY could see clouds of dust and rain heading toward the stadium. People started running...and we stayed. And then we ran. It wasn't too bad, but we headed to the Alumni Pavilion to hang out with some other friends for the rest of the game and had a blast there.
Husband decided we were having too much fun to drive back home so he got a hotel room and we stayed the night. So...with only the clothes on our backs, we crashed out late that night. In the morning, we ate at one of our favorite breakfast spots on our way out of town. I have pictures of us eating here for breakfast almost 9 years ago, and we have some great memories here! This place has been open for over 40 years and we talked about one day bringing our kids here when they go to our awesome school too...hopefully.

Hope your labor day weekend was as awesome and blessed as mine!

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