15 September 2011

fashion week may be over...

I love to write about the cute/funny things my kids say to me. A couple days ago, one my students came up to me (she is from Thailand and has only been in the country a couple years-if that), and said to me "You look like a fashion show!" It took me a second to figure it out, but I thought that was pretty cute.
top: macys
cardi: nordstroms
pants: express
shoes: macys

As far as the September Spending Freeze, I am doing pretty good. I just reviewed my bank account and account on mint.com (today is payday). I did not spend much money when I was in Dallas this past weekend. I think it helps a lot when you live in a city where there is not a whole lot to do and your husband lives in another town during the week. Plus, as a teacher I only get paid one time per month so I really have to watch my spending to make my money last. I nearly caved when I was with Leah in Dallas and saw all the cute clothes they had out at Target, but she reminded me and I resisted temptation and have been good. I did go out to dinner with a friend last night, but I would have had to buy something anyways since there was no food in the house. One thing I love to do is get a pedicure every payday, but I can easily skip it this month and put that money into my savings.
I like how doing this has made me conscientious about what I need to be spending and what I need to be saving. The holidays are getting closer...which is super scary...and I will need to work on presents sooner rather than later!

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