24 August 2011

little house on the prairie

I felt exactly like "Little House on the Prairie" in this outfit today. Then, someone commented to me that I actually looked like LHOTP. I guess I was channeling a little too hard.
top: j.crew
skirt: thrifted, austin-vintage 70's
shoes: target
i love everything about this skirt! the pattern, the lace, the fit.

Funny story about this picture. I do a survey with my kids on the first day of school so I can get to know them better. The last question asks if they have any questions or comments for me and then I answer them on the second day of school. Some kids write normal stuff and some write cute, funny stuff.
See below.
In case you can't read it, it says "You look like you can dress so cool." Notice the "look like you can" is crossed out. Isn't that hilarious!? And it was written by one of my male students who wants to go into modeling and fashion. He has an eye for style. :-)

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