11 August 2011

happy pig

I swung by a coffee shop/bookstore during lunch today and I saw this precious book.
Seriously, it was too cute for words. It was a little story about a pig that lives on a farm and exudes happiness to all the other pigs. I should have bought it. I will look for it on amazon!

Second story.
What is that? Is that a Tory Burch label I spy?
Why yes, that is a pair of TB flair jeans. I went to Austin this summer and after a way-overwhelming trip to Buffalo Exchange with my friend Erica, where we nearly passed out from dehydration in the middle of the store and sweated through trying on clothes for two hours, I walked away with this amazing pair of TB jeans for $35. Erica could confirm this, I swear, these jeans look like they were brand new and never have been worn. They were literally speaking to me.
Yes, I'm making the teenager-myspace-self photo-scrunchy face.
It's been a long week, but I'm a happy pig.
top: forever 21
jeans: tory burch via buffalo exchange
necklace: forever 21
shoes: target

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