31 August 2011

estate sale gold

While visiting our friends Andrew and Kristin in Minnesota this summer, Kristin took me to my first-ever estate sale. At first I was definitely a little freaked out at picking over someone's belongings who has just passed, but Kristin is an estate sale pro and quickly helped me get over my discontent. Especially...when we opened up the closet and discovered this vintage Ralph Lauren skirt. Call it grandma chic...but I tried it on right there in the bedroom over my shorts, not letting the size 12 tag discourage me, and it fit like a glove. Did I mention it was $3? It included this blouse with shoulder pads, but they had to go. Granted, my husband at dinner tonight did ask me why it is so high waisted, to which I replied, "Granny Chic, baby, you wouldn't understand."

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