11 July 2011

jewelry love

While visiting Minnesota to see our friends' Andrew and Kristin, (you can read about our visit on her blog), she took me to an estate sale. They are estate sale pros, but I had never been before. I will blog about one of my precious finds at a later date, but my other find was a solid walnut frame for $1! I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it at the time, but fortunately our next stop was Anthropologie. I picked up 3 wall hooks with the intention of just putting them inside the frame, but Kristin-who is way more creative than I am, suggested I paint the frame shabby-style and glue the hooks to the frame. That reminded me of this blog post by Allison, which is a MUST READ people. Homegirl has some jewelry.
While my stash isn't nearly as awesome, it freed up some space and gave me more room for other stuff (more jewelry). I was especially happy when the husband kept walking by the bathroom telling me he liked it. Success!

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