15 June 2011

quite a day

wake up in the morning feeling like p-diddy
[dress: target, blazer: macy's, shoes: target]
grab my glasses out the door i'm about to hit this city...
kidding, kidding. did you know it's thrifty june? news flash for you. i also thrift my food.
this was the remainder of 50% off appetizers.p
i changed from my work outfit into my casual outfit and channeled my inner hippie.
[shorts: j.crew, top: forever 21, headband: forever 21]IMG_1714
There is this guy in Amarillo who is an artist and his name is Stanley Marsh. He does lots of crazy artwork, you might be most familiar with Cadillac Ranch. His people drive these crazy cars as shown above. I saw one on my way to work the other day...what a TREAT.

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  1. Hi! Found you on Mix and Match Fashion. I love your short-sleeved blazer! :) Nice to find another stylish teacher. :)