05 June 2011

orange you glad it's the weekend

I hardly ever get dressed up on the weekend...so I felt like changing things up. My husband took me to brunch at one of my favorite places in Amarillo. We sat on the patio, ate and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We live really close to historic route 66, and it has some of the best antique shopping ever. We only went into one store (my favorite one-see below), but there are tons of other shops lining the street. I didn't want to make him suffer too much, so we headed home. Later, I went to go lay out by the pool and then we went to dinner. I am looking forward to cooking out tonight and watching some D-MAV basketball!

dress: forever 21
belt: j.crew
shoes: loft
necklace: forever 21
hanging out on route 66.


  1. love that dress! it looks super cute on you lydia!!

  2. you look amazing! orange is totally your color. :)

  3. thanks y'all!! i am looking forward to styling up the tank dress!