11 April 2011

It was a lovely weekend in Dallas with amazing friends!
Tomorrow is everybody/everywear maxi skirt day. But, it's also "I can wear jeans without a jean pass day." I probably won't decide what to wear tomorrow until tomorrow morning...hm...what would you do?

top: j.crew outlet
skirt: h&m
belt: forever 21
shoes: macys
necklace: j.crew outlet


  1. You look amazing, Lyd! I really love how you put this together. :) And yes, Belmont was the bomb. Love having my peeps here.

  2. REALLY cute outfit; i want the whole thing! in fact, i have that exact necklace and a very similar belt!

  3. This outfit is adorb!! love it. did you get this skirt this weekend? i want to find a skirt like that. good job.

  4. Thanks!!! I loved wearing this skirt. It was the perfect length for me. I already thinking of other things to wear with it. Jenn, I did get the skirt this weekend! It was a quick pick. :-)

  5. This outfit is so cute. I'm so jealous you have a j.crew outlet near you!

  6. i'm kinda mad that i didn't see this cute. it is too cute.

  7. Kelsey-I wish I had a j.crew outlet near me! The nearest one is 350 miles away :-) I just have to shop smart when I'm in town!