03 March 2011

"here comes a feeling you thought you'd forgotten...

...chairs to sit and sidewalks to walk on."
gah. love me some vampire weekend.

top: forever 21
cardigan: gap
pants: zara

necklace: gifted, j.crew

shoes: sam edelman

so THE skirt i wore yesterday
was truly a hit. one of my co-workers
stopped mid sentence and said, 
"wow, that skirt is really cool."
the co-worker is a guy. ha! 
i need to post a video of how it sways.
the skirt may seem overpriced when you're looking
at it online but let me tell you something.
it's "got moves you've never seen".
yes, i just quoted my best friend's wedding.
the way the fabric drapes and sways when you 
are walking, it's just quite impressive.
worth every penny.

leah vee

1 comment:

  1. i totally loved that skirt!!!! and i love my best friend's wedding.