01 February 2011

leah's predictions

let's play a game...
a game called spring predictions!
i went shopping on friday and 
i also got my latest lucky mag in the mail...
i'm going to let you know what i think
just might be big for spring.
(and these are also items i would
totally wear myself.)
just a sidenote there for ya.

first off, we have the cropped top.
or a great transition for spring,
the cropped sweater.
H&M has these like no other.
i may have bought two.
if your abs are in good shape,
you can definitely wear
 this on its own, w/o layering.
anne hathaway did just that:
i cropped out her pants because well...
they're just no good. (shorry zoe.)
(image via people)

or you can wear your cropped 
sweater layered with another top:
this is also from H&M.
striped tank: target
sidenote: i read on twitter that
sometime this year, you will be
able to shop online...on H&M's site.
boo ya!

another REALLY cool trend...
is the maxi skirt.
the maxi dress is still totally around.
but my oh my. the maxi skirt
 is really quite thrilling, i must say.
i have this on my list:
 anthro, you're my hero.

i love how they styled it here:
really, just really.
no really.
i love it.

i hope you enjoyed my predictions.
i bet you a million bucks they come true.
(at least on me!)

leah vee

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