13 January 2011

we get to wear jeans

my company is just now having
our holiday party.
which means jeans.
boo ya.
oh and a white elephant
gift exchange.
click {here}
to see my gift.
or don't if you're one of
my co-workers!

checkered top: gap
gold top: gap
(they have more colors in store)

necklace: vintage, gifted from my Mom

jeans: gap
boots: aldo

i love these jeans.
getcha a pair.
they are very comfortable.

leah vee


  1. Love the outfit Leah! Those shakeweight for men commercials scare me, I hear they work though!

    Lindsay Fuller

  2. This outfit is too cute. love the gold top. and i am a huge fan of those gap jeans as well

  3. Lindsay - thanks for following!! The shake weight is amazing!
    Hayley - the jeans were way on sale in store....