03 January 2011


After two weeks of vacation, not only was I excited about going to work, but that means several new outfits! Yeah! So excited. Santa gave me this outfit [read: mom], and I got tons of comments on it. Comments that I'll take as compliments. You gotta take what you get sometimes, right? I've decided to highlight a few of them for you.


I usually wear my hair down, but I felt like trying this >Daybook tutorial It's the one on "It's the Bun, Hun." I never would have been able to do it without the video tutorial and it lasted all day! I'll have to keep practicing though.


Comment by co-worker 1 today: "[My last name here], are you going on a job interview?"
Me: No, but if I were I guess I know what to wear.


Comment by coworker 2: "Wow, is it your birthday again?"
Me: "No, my birthday was last month."


Comment by coworker 3: "You look great! Kind of like you should be working in a New York office as a secretary...or something."
Me: "Oh...thanks...."

shoes: jessica simpson, macy's
tights: banana republic
skirt and top: limited
necklace: gifted


  1. I would like to know who the coworkers were! I thought you looked fabulous!

  2. hot! i think this is my fav outfit of yours thus far. i really love your hair in the bun too! :)