24 January 2011

the perfect fit

Call me lazy, but these are the only pair of pants I've ever gotten tailored. Actually, I used to have a big shopping problem at Nordstrom's. I had personal shopper. I would walk in and she would say, "Ms. [last name]! SO good to see you again. What kind of items can I pull for you?" She KNEW my sizes. She would even send me hand written notes in the mail thanking me for my business. Oh wait, I'm snapping back to reality and my whole point now...and the fact I don't live anywhere remotely close to this lovely store. Nordstrom's has excellent customer service and tailors on hand who will tailor your clothing right then and there for FREE. I mean, these pants fit me PERFECTLY. I'm really more of a dress girl, but I'll wear another pair of untailored pants soon and you can compare.

Look at the hem on those babies.
pants: nordstroms
top/sweater: [gifted] nordstrom's-i think

it's monday. i felt like getting sassy with it.

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