04 January 2011

the officer and a gentlewoman

Would you think I was weird if I said I think about blog posts as my day goes on? Sometimes, I'll hear random people say things and I think to myself, "That would make a good blog title."
Anyways...I love(d) modcloth. I still do, but I shopped there before they got all big and "trendy" and they used to send free gifts with a purchase, and it was AWESOME! I was super disappointed the last order I made, and no free gift. :-( The stuff is still cute, but the prices have gone up in a huge way. I still love checking out the names of the dresses...the name of the dress I'm wearing is my blog title.


I have seen the light and it is good!!! How's that for natural lighting? (Ignore the junk in the background, I was having my heater fixed) Photo cred/shout out to my girl L.L!!


These shoes felt very Anne Frank to me.


As much as I'd like to throw a cardigan or something over this dress, the back is pretty cute with the bow so I feel the need to show it.

dress: modcloth
tights: banana republic
shoes: forever 21
bracelet: gifted


  1. the lighting is great!!

  2. um i love this entire outfit!! i have been thinking about getting those same shoes from forever21, but didn't know if they would be uncomfortable!

  3. i was on the fence with the shoes...madewell had some way cute/expensive ones that i was in love with that are similar. when i saw these at forever online i figured they were cheap enough to try! They are pretty true to size and comfortable (and I do a pretty good amount of walking at work!)