20 January 2011

in hindsight

I had no idea this skirt had purple and green in it until I got to work today. Surprise for me! I also didn't know I was walking around with my skirt on the wrong way. I didn't realize it had a slit in the back (at the time I was walking around with it on the side and it was still stitched together) and I kept thinking how odd it was that my steps had to be so short....and I thought the zipper was supposed to go in the back, not on the side.
If I were to wear this outfit again (which I will...but I'm speaking theoretically here), I wouldn't pair it with the blazer. I think it just made me look short waisted and weird. I have a purple top that is more tailored and probably would look better. Too bad I thought I looked pretty good this morning! When I took my pic at the end of the day...I was like, "whoa."


blazer: gap
top: express
tights: banana republic
shoes: macys-jessica simpson
necklace: gifted [mom]
skirt: the limited, gifted [mom]

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