18 January 2011


I'm our 100th post! Writing this blog has been such a fun outlet for me...and I am excited about all the new things BHD has coming up. Like Jenn said below, make sure and follow us if you are a reader! And, if you are a big blog reader, she told me about bloglovin.com, which has been a huge time saver...especially if you follow cooking blogs...style blogs...education blogs...organization blogs...it can become kind of a problem.

yes...it's the shoes again. i get excited when i get something new!

top: gap


cord leggings: dillards
cardigan:j. crew

call me crazy...but I'm just wondering-am I the only person out there that is a SALE only shopper? If sale only is wrong, then I don't want to be right!

1 comment:

  1. I am SO a sale only shopper. Esp stores like Jcrew. I feel bad because I make a bee line to the sale section. Sometimes Ill even linger a little bit to cover it up.
    ANYWAY i really really like this outfit. Really.