02 July 2012

a pina

The end is finally in sight.  I'll be 32 weeks this Friday, and my estimated due date is about 6-8 weeks away...or less.  The baby is the size of a pineapple.  And that's with the leaves...and am I feeling it. I just got back from a trip to Dallas for work, but no more traveling for me for the rest of the summer. Just working on maternity leave lessons, getting the babies room ready, and working on my tan/keeping my fat feet up!

trying on the dress i wore to my shower this past weekend. it was a hit. woo-hoo.
thank you forever 21.

 how i am passing my time away.  and yes, i am wearing sunscreen.
 i found a $15 gift card someone gave me at christmas tucked away in a card.  what a treat!
 fun shirt from h&m.  pretty sure i can't wear it anymore and this was only two weeks ago. barely.
 i made lemon blueberry pancakes one morning after thinking about them for days on end.  totally worth the wait.