06 June 2012

belly bumps

I have been having problems with blogger/flickr so it has gotten me behind on posting.
In the latest news...
I'm done with work for the year.  I actually had the last week of school off because I attended a workshop in Albany, NY.  Not so sure I would recommend traveling halfway across the country at almost 7 months pregnant. The workshop was WELL worth it though.  Actually, I'm more like done with work until probably mid-October considering I am due the first week of school!
Some of the girls at work threw a casual diaper shower for my friend Lesley and I.  She is having a girl and six weeks ahead of me, so it is going to be fun watching the babies grow up together.
My husband and I are traveling to Dallas this weekend for our first baby shower.  I am so excited to get together with family and friends to celebrate the baby.

Lastly, I made it to the third trimester! The end is (sort of) in sight.  I have had some minor low BP issues combined with swelling, but other than that--I am glad not to be working and I can spend a lot of time resting.
26 week pic.  I know I am not looking that stylish, but I am on a week to week basis with my clothing, and if the shoe fits--wear it!

 About 24-25 weeks.
Shower at Work
Baby Bumps!
Want to catch a ride in my Air Force One? (@ Chicago O'Hare)
Downtown Albany.

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