08 August 2011

jacket: forever21
shirt: urban outfitters
pants: anthro

the colors came out weird in these pictures. the shirt is brown, the pants are green. 

my last morning patient asked me today if my jacket shrunk in the wash or if it was meant to be like this.

how was everyone's weekend? 

mine was alright. 
goods and bads
bad: i got into a little fender bender, so once again my car will have to have some work done in it
luckily it is all body work and shouldn't be too bad. (gotta look on the bright side right?)
good: saw crazy, stupid, love with mom, sister, and brother in law
had a good first date. 

happy monday readers. 


  1. HAHAHAH. I love that you wrote what your patient said and then added absolutely no commentary on it hahahaha. I love the jacket!

    <3 The Daily Dani

  2. Ha I guess I didn't finish the story, I told him it is meant to be like that... Then we moved on to why he came in today.