14 July 2011


i have not been ignoring you BHD and BHD readers. 
I have been a little busy. 
new computer software at work makes patient care a little more time consuming.
plus, i sprained my ankle, so i have an elephant ankle and foot that is all shades of purple and blue.

pants: forever 21
shirt: gap
boots: thrifted
 (it was a little hard to squeeze my swollen foot into these boots)

then last night, 2/3 of the wolfe pack came from austin to houston to see 
the incredible ms. britney spears 
(name the song that line comes from)

dress: tjmaxx
shoes: steve madden

super #armparty for britney

we were 11 rows back on the ground floor.
it was heaven for a us, super britney fans

me, deb, steph

there she is. doing her thing.

woo! see y'all soon!!


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