19 July 2011

belt love

i can't stop buying belts.
it's a sickness really.
lately, each time i shop i buy at least one.
but i've been known to buy more.
but this may be my proudest purchase as far as price...

cardi: H&M
top: angl, shop in santa barbara, ca
pants: zara

belt: madewell
don't let the online price fool you.
i paid $6 for this belt in store. done & done!
it's classic, good quality and fashionable.
my kind of deal.
(madewell has been having awesome sales, FYI.)

shoes: nine west

tomorrow is my FRIDEY!
i'm taking thurs & fri off to chill in the chill station...
get a massage, mani/pedi, read the first harry potter book.
yes, i know i'm late to the party.

leah vee

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