16 May 2011

i'll throw you for a loop.

Find what's wrong with the picture below.


If you guessed that isn't me, you guessed right. And that's amazing.

It's Lesley! She's back!


Her outfits put mine to shame. I had to blog her instead of me. Tell me I'm selfless.
I love her colorblocking...I just don't know where she got her clothes from.
I told her I had to know. I texted her. She hasn't told me. She's ignoring me.
But she stalks the blog. Hey Lesley! Comment! Where'd you get the threads?!


  1. I really wasn't ignoring you, just grocery shopping :)
    Shirt: Old Navy
    Pants: JCrew (hand me down)
    Necklace: Forever 21
    Bracelet : Local craft mall
    I really had been wanting to color block! I suggest everyone try it if you haven't already!