09 May 2011

"i need a vacation from my vacation"

i sort of hate it when people say that
right after having a vacation.
come on, really?
get over it.


well, i really can say it though...
we went to california last week.
we were very excited to shop, eat and most importantly,
celebrate at our twin niece & nephew's 1st birthday party!


but on the second day of vacay....
i got some sort of bug.
it was so bad i had to miss the bday party!
(and then some.)
tim got it, too.
it was terrible.
i had every intention of blogging my outfits,
but that just didn't pan out.
(i highly doubt the pj's and sweatshirt
i sported for roughly 36 hours would
pass here on BHD!)
what i can share with you is the cutest
white button down coincidence
i have ever witnessed:

how cute is this?
(tim with our nephew)

and here is my adorable niece.
let it be known -- she loves to swing.
isn't her hat precious?
i think i may frame these pictures.
i just love them.

even though i was not at my best,
it was good to be out of town and to
see those sweet little faces.
i'm back to work tomorrow friends.
let's see how we do.

leah vee


  1. we honeymooned in santa monica! i would love to go back!

  2. oh my colton looks so much like your dad and brother it is crazy cute....like a fox.