15 May 2011

Bon Ton Vintage

yesterday, my good friend Alexis and i went
on a little day road trip to forreston, tx.
we heard about a legendary vintage shop there
it's about as old as us - it's been a staple
of forreston since 1983.
their specialty is vintage clothing.
we're talking GOOD vintage clothing.
as in...i tried on a pair of chanel pants.
sadly, they were ill fitting.
but, let it be known....
Bon Ton is legit.
they have other diddies besides the clothing.
and i will share some of my finds now:


horse bookends


John and Barbra are the owners.
they married after knowing each other
only 13 days. they are the kind of people
who are instantly your friends. 
they were traveling musicians.
Picture 2
John & Barbra
photo by Andy Hanson, via

John also makes you leave with several
of his specialty cd's he's made.
i'm listening to one now as i write this.
it's jazzy, relaxing and eclectic all at once.
i basically feel like i'm at a party straight out
of the great gatsby. it's fantastic.

it was such a wonderful day.
we will go back every year.

leah vee


  1. i have read about this place on adored austin. so jealous. it sounds like fun.