19 April 2011

shirt: walmart
shoes: bandolino
bracelet: jewelmint

I actually went into AA for a different skirt [i have been seeing it around the blog-world and fashion mags]. It looked pretty bad on me.
this one looked much better. I'm a true believer in dressing for your body type, and not just following a trend. when a look compliments your shape, it makes everyone feel good [esp moms, who will be the first to tell you when something doesn't]
have a great tuesday---and we are half way through the week people--love it.


  1. yes, you are right. i love this skirt. who would have thought your shirt is from wally world? shweet.

  2. not only is it from walmart, but it was on sale at walmart. even better.

  3. i like this skirt on you! good choice with the color, too. i have been wanting a skirt like that, too, and i love AA so i might have to keep my eye on it...

  4. Check out cute and little's post today!