13 April 2011

go maternity

no i am not pregnant.
however, i have shopped in the
maternity section in my day.
notice the below cardigan/vest. it was for sale
in the normal gap for about $69 last spring.
i was shopping with my friend (who was pregnant)
in gap maternity and found it for $49. so she bought one.
and so did i.
you win some and you lose some.
and sometimes i wear clothes from gap maternity.

tank: JCPenney
cardigan/vest: gap
pants: gap

necklace: forever 21

shoes: nine west

what's crazy is it was exactly the same.
the maternity one didn't have more material.
it wasn't shorter or longer.
talk about a mistake, right?
i even wrote a review on gap.com
to let other customers know the secret!!!!
and i never write reviews!!!!

leah vee

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