07 March 2011

wear what you have

so friday after work, my sister-in-law 
asked me to come over so we could 
go through her closet together.
partly to purge some things
and partly to style some new outfits for her.
all in all, it was a huge success,
accompanied with 12 total outfits
and several glasses of wine!
i really had the best time doing this.
i'm not just saying that because
i had a good buzz going.
i think this could be a third "job" for me.
you ask what my second "job" is?
well, that's another post!


meet my sis, lindsey.
she's an adorable 20 something that
always looks cute and really didn't need my help.
but she needed some inspiration.
lindsey sometimes tells herself she can't
wear certain things together because she is
trapped into following "rules". 
we all grew up with them.
the no brown & black, no pattern mixing, etc. 
now, don't get me wrong, there are still
rules we should all follow - as in your clothes 
should fit & flatter your body and so on.
but to the rules lindsey had in her head,
i said (after my second glass of wine) "be gone!" 
and so now, they are gone.
lindsey was also finding herself in a rut and in need 
 of a new way to look at her current clothes.  :)
everything you see below she already owned.
besides my forever 21 necklace you 
see on her a couple of times.
(this was just for her to get the idea
that a statement necklace adds a nice touch.)


dress: ny&co
shoes: target


top: forever 21
cardigan: ny&co
skirt: forever 21
shoes: chrome (boutique in lubbock, texas)


top: forever 21
jeans: nordstrom
shoes: steve madden

top: polo
jeans: nordstrom
shoes: tory burch

i encourage you to look into your closet the next
time you think you need to run to the mall.
i bet you could lay out several tops, a few
pairs of jeans/skirts and several accessories...
and through this, find multiple new outfits.
and that is FREE.

leah vee


  1. I loved every single outfit! Lindsey is adorable, so anything would look amazing on her! Leah, I want you to help me style some different outfits!!

  2. Ya'll are cute! Leah - before I go to Hawaii in July I am going to hire you to style me some cute beachy outfits :) You have a serious talent there, girl!

  3. i love helping people with their closets, too! it's so fun. and, you have a cute sister. :)