16 March 2011


let the sxsw outfit posts begin....tonight is : MTVU woodie awards

tank: target
pants: target
scarf: forever21
shoes: doc martins

my mom stumbled upon my docs from when i was in highschool. i remember begging my mom for these shoes. the sales man said that docs never go out of style--and look at my wearing them almost 10 years later. what a good investment mom. the shoe laces have been in there for almost 10 years too--i changed them the day i got them.  good times. 


  1. HOT! i totally had those leopard laces too. my docs are still at my parents house, but they aren't as classic as yours. they were a little different. i am marinating on whether or not to bust them out.... cute outfit!!

  2. I know. I think you told me to get these laces. You should totally bust out the docs