21 March 2011

oooh, so hard to get up this morning. it's good to be back though--i was starting to feel lazy. the temps are rising here in Texas, and it has got me thinking about my summer wardrobe. skirts, light weight shirts, and sandals sound like the coolest (temp wise) to wear.

jacket: forever 21
shirt: forever21
skirt and belt: zara
shoes: target

what will your summer wardrobe consist of? 

welcome back!



  1. i completely love this outfit. perf for spring!

  2. thanks! i love zara too. i got this in NYC over the summer. i need to make a trip to the galleria in houston and visit my local zara. humm---maybe a weekend trip is in order?

  3. hey jho, is this jacket recent? if not, i'm sure forever still probably has something similar.

  4. This is an old jacket. I looked for something similar but haven't had success. If I find something I will let you know