03 February 2011

it's cold AGAIN, round 1 million

so the icy conditions march
onwards here in dallas.
i'm on day 3 of working from home.
tim's battery went out in his car,
so he had to take my car to work.
what a disaster the streets are!
i do hear it's better today
and i plan to make it in 
to the office tomorrow.
meanwhile, i bring you an
outfit i wish i was wearing.
one from the archives.
(and from sunnier times.)

the classic trench: banana republic
scarf: madewell
sunglasses: wal-mart

i wore this right at the beginning of BHD's birth.
and never posted it.
so here you go.
here's what i'm really wearing today, basically:

boots: target

it's cold.
that's all.

leah vee

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