02 January 2011

weekend shirt

my husband likes to refer to this top as
"the weekend shirt".
most weekends, i can be found wearing this....
basically all weekend.
i am not ashamed. 
it's very comfortable.
today, i am going wedding dress shopping with my dear friend daisy.
(lyd, we wish you were here!!)
lydia and i are both in daisy's wedding!

top: gap
jeans: gap

necklace: gifted, banana republic

boots: vintage, gift from my mom

i will tell you that although i am from texas, i have never owned  a pair of cowboy boots...nor do i go to work via horseback. (if you ever meet someone and they find out you're from texas, you are always plagued with such questions as, "where's your cowboy hat?? do you ride horses instead of driving cars?? 
do you say 'y'all'??") my mom bought these the year i was born.so they are a trusty 27 years old, just like yours truly. aren't they gorgeous, y'all? ;)

leah vee


  1. i always loved loved how yours parents actually kept things like that (ex: orange awesome ski jacket). Those boots are gorg. Love

  2. As a fellow texan and as a girl, I LOVE THIS POST.
    lemme tell you why.
    cause those questions are annoying. I have this weird yankee uncle that will say " you mean you guys" everytime i say yall. NO i meant YALL.
    second because I have a shirt just like that- mines from the boys section at target- but I find myself reaching for it all the time
    Third, because those are CUTE boots!

  3. Thanks Hayley! Yes, I am all about saying y'all.....all the time. Thanks for reading!

    Jenn - I forgot about that orange AWESOME ski jacket. Must...find.....now!!!!

  4. good ole suzy and larry - love them!