12 January 2011

a forest friendly dress

i am trying out a new app today.
what do you think of the pics?
too light?
too weird?
be honest, people.
i dig.

dress: accents, a local boutique
leggings: express

boots: nine west
i love these boots.
can you not tell?
you'd be surprised to know
i actually own other black boots.
i just only like these at the moment.
glad we worked that out.

enjoy your wednesdey.

leah vee


  1. kind of dark i can't see the color of the dress, but i still like it! what app are you using??

  2. the dress is pretty similar - it's like a cream color with the trees being black. the app is instagram. it's cool because it automatically posts to flickr! which saves some serious time. the only drawback is the cropping feature doesn't really allow you to do a very good head to toe shot, at least in my case. i guess i'm pretty close to my mirror!