22 December 2010

"can i get some of that yella?" -cousin eddie

can you name the movie?
i came up with multiple options for titles in regards to this outfit.
i won't share them all now......
top: old navy
pants: gap

one time, i was at starbucks. and i was wearing this outfit.
this really sweet, older gay man approached me.
and said this, "honey, i just love your yellow pants.
there so....parisian....so...a la mode!!!"
i almost hugged him.
true story.

boots: aldo

i feel strongly i could lay on my bed in this outfit today and blend rather well with the decor.
yellow pillow: target
sheets: bed bath and beyond
duvet: west elm

last day of work!!!!!

leah vee

1 comment:

  1. this outfit just screams "COOL!" i love it...and i esp. adore those boots. GIVE THEM TO ME. or maybe i'll just try to get some of my own. :) Much love to you and Tim. You two are wonderful amazing people. Cheers!